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Psychologist Services

Psychologist Services

Psychologist Services

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Our Psychologists are fully registered and accredited with many years of experience. We help both individuals and couples to make effective changes to face the challenges that life brings.

Whether you are seeking therapy for stress, anxietydepressionanger or relationship issues, or you need some assistance addressing a specific issue that is causing you distress, our counsellors will work with you to overcome your difficulties and help you move forward

We are centrally located to serve the Shire with three Sutherland-based practice locations.

Depression, Anxiety, Anger & More: The common concerns for which clients need help.

While individuals and couples seek counselling for a wide variety of reasons, some common presentations include constant low mood, excessive worry or feeling on edge, which could be signs of depression or anxiety. Our practitioners are also highly trained in treating issues such as anger, trauma, grief and loss, as well as addiction counselling ranging from drug and alcohol addiction to gambling, pornography, and sex addiction. Our clinicians are trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities, enabling them to tailor their service to meet your unique needs and issues.


Relationships can lead to a variety of problems and challenges, most commonly after changes in family structure, arguments around money, sex and trust or a lack of proper and satisfying communication. All of our psychologists are also marriage and relationship therapists, with extensive experience and training.


Each session with your psychologist will be approximately 50-55 minutes in duration. While there is no standard number of sessions recommended, many clients participate in therapy for around 6-12 sessions, with some people preferring longer-term therapy.

Your first psychologist session will involve an initial assessment and discussion around the details of your situation and any particular goals you may have. You may be given some advice or techniques that can be implemented right away to start working towards your therapy goals. You can use this opportunity to ask questions or raise any concerns with your psychologist.


The cost of your session will vary depending on which psychologist you see, however our session fees are well below those recommended by the Australian Psychological Society.

You may be entitled to a Medicare or private health insurance rebate for a portion of your session fee, so please speak to our staff about your intention to claim when making your booking.

Your Privacy & Confidentiality

All aspects of your psychology session will be confidential, provided there is no risk of harm to an identifiable person’s safety or the file is subpoenaed by a court of law. If you would like to receive a copy of our Privacy Policy, please fill in the Contact Form located on the right hand side of this page.

Call us today on 02 8094 1799 for further information or to book an appointment or fill out the online enquiry form for a quick response. There is no obligation and your enquiry is confidential.

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